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Photo of Ron Jeremy at promo event

Grand Jury Deliberating Ron Jeremy Case in LA – Why?

A grand jury met earlier this week in a Los Angeles-area courthouse to consider accusations of multiple counts of sexual assault against performer and industry personality Ron Jeremy. Industry news reported that the grand jury was convened in secrecy, with the prosecution presenting testimony from some of the people cited in the indictments. This may have included both victims and witnesses. Adult entertainment attorney Corey D. Silverstein offered some insights, explaining the purpose and significance of a grand jury reconvening. “The purpose of a grand jury being reconvened would typically mean that new evidence has surfaced that the state wishes to present for the purpose of either adding additional charges, potentially additional victims or potentially raising some of the charges,” Silverstein explained. Charges against Jeremy now involve 23 victims. He has pleaded “not guilty” to all of the charges. Read more about the case via XBIZ About Silverstein Legal Founded in 2006 by adult entertainment lawyer Corey D. Silverstein, Silverstein Legal is a boutique law firm that caters to the needs of anyone working in the adult entertainment industry. Silverstein Legal’s clients include hosting companies, affiliate programs, content producers, processors, designers, developers, and website operators. Silverstein is the managing and…

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Digital piracy illustration showing hooded person with data lines

Attorney Corey D. Silverstein Shutters Piracy-Based Site 4anime

MyAdultAttorney Silverstein issued a subpoena demanding operator information, resulting in 4anime’s preemptive closure. With millions of monthly visitors, 4anime was once one of the internet’s most prolific piracy-based streaming sites. The site, however, abruptly and unceremoniously announced its shutdown on July 13, providing no explanation as to why. But we know why: It was because of attorney Corey D. Silverstein. Silverstein, the driving force behind and Adult.Law, issued a subpoena on July 5 on behalf of Legacy Rights Group. The subpoena required CDN provider Cloudflare to hand over the personal information of 4anime’s operators -- names, addresses, billing records, email addresses, IP addresses, and any other information that could help to track down the people in charge -- essentially unmasking the pirates behind the site. Typically compliant with these sorts of requests, Cloudflare had three weeks for the date of issuance to respond. The subpoena, however, essentially became moot as 4anime shuttered of its own accord well before the July 26th deadline. Per TorrentFreak, “We don’t know for sure that this legal pressure is the reason for [4anime’s] sudden shutdown, but the timing would certainly fit.” TorrentFreak also stated that “whether any data were handed over [prior to closure]…

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YNOT Summit 2021 logo with white serif type over dark photo of earth and headshot of Corey Silverstein

Attorney Corey D. Silverstein to Speak on Legal Issues Impacting Models, Community During YNOT Summit 2021

#MyAdultAttorney Silverstein will lend his expertise and insights during three upcoming YNOT Summit seminars. Cyberspace (July 5, 2021) - Corey D. Silverstein, the driving force behind and Adult.Law, will lend his expertise and insights during three YNOT Summit events, happening later this week. Silverstein will appear on July 7th at 11 am PST in the “State of the Industry” event. During this event, a group of adult business professionals will talk about the state of the industry, including current challenges and big opportunities. Then, later that same day, Silverstein will speak during the “Important Legal Topics for NSFW Models” event at 1 pm PST. On July 8th, Silverstein will appear on the “Adult Industry Legal Panel” at 11 am PST. During this event, a panel of veteran attorneys will discuss the latest legal developments impacting the adult entertainment business. “When I began my venture into the adult entertainment space 17 years ago, YNOT was legendary,” Silverstein said. “Now, in 2021, YNOT is still a leader in networking, education, and resources for anyone in the business.”  It is a privilege to be returning for this event and I’m excited for this opportunity to help provide legal information to all of…

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Loyalfans logo and headshot of Corey Silverstein with black red and blue text below

Loyalfans, Corey D. Silverstein to Hold Legal Webinar on June 2nd

Silverstein will be on hand to answer questions and explore topics relevant to creators working on premium social media fan club sites. Cyberspace (May 28, 2021) - Premium social media fan club is pleased to announce “Loyalfans, Legal & You,” an informative, interactive webinar featuring attorney Corey D. Silverstein. “Loyalfans, Legal & You” will happen on Wednesday June 2, 2021 at 4 pm EST. Loyalfans creators interested in attending must email prior to the event to sign up. On Loyalfans, creators are the masters of their own domains! Creators retain content ownership and can utilize the site’s flexible features however best suits individual brands and goals — but with great power comes great responsibility. Silverstein will be on hand to answer questions about legal responsibilities as an online content creator within the Loyalfans space, as well as share his insights regarding industry hot topics and issues. “We are so excited to host this event for our creators!” said Loyalfans co-founder Eduard A. Braileanu. “Corey Silverstein is a friendly and engaging person that can make even the scariest or most overwhelming legal topic seem approachable and — if relevant — solvable.” “We aim to provide Loyalfans creators with the…

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Attorney Corey D. Silverstein to Speak on Legal Issues, Brand Protection During XBIZ Miami 2021

Adult Attorney, Corey D. Silverstein will lend his expertise and insights during two upcoming XBIZ seminars, both on May 25th. Cyberspace (May 21, 2021) — Corey D. Silverstein, the driving force behind and Adult.Law, will lend his expertise and insights during two upcoming XBIZ Miami (Virtual Edition) seminars. First, Silverstein will appear on May 25th at 12 pm PST in the “Brand Protection: DMCA, Model Release Forms, and Copyright Issues” seminar. The session description explains: You’ve created something. Congratulations! But guess what? Now that it’s released on the web, there’s no shortage of piracy-minded folks looking to make a quick buck by stealing your passionately crafted content. Fortunately, these experts in brand protection will show you the many ways you can secure your creations and thwart would-be thieves. Then, with a turnaround time only a superhero could manage, Silverstein will appear on the tradeshow’s Legal panel at 1 pm EST, also on May 25th. The session description explains: In an industry rife with unique legal minefields, from overcoming hurdles introduced by misguided legislators to age verification, copyright protection, and issues of consent, this who’s who of legal eagles will put their expertise to use for you, as they examine…

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Rolling Stone logo on light gray background

Adult Attorney Corey D. Silverstein Appears in RollingStone

On March 23, 2021, journalist EJ Dickson published a new article in RollingStone entitled “How the Dream of a Porn-Content House Fell Apart”. In this fascinating article, EJ Dickson tells the story of a group of webcam performers that moved in together for the benefit of the group but the dream situation quickly became ugly. As part of the article, Dickson interviewed prominent adult lawyer Corey D. Silverstein who provided invaluable commentary on the subject including, “If you set [a content house] up the right way, it could be great,” Corey Silverstein, an adult-industry lawyer based in Michigan, tells Rolling Stone. “The problem is when you have one person who does it the wrong way, that’s what everyone thinks overall it is.” Allegations of exploitation, he stresses, are “exactly the sort of thing we don’t want or need in this industry.” This was especially true at the start of the pandemic, says Silverstein. “As Covid-19 really hit, you had this monumental shift from conventional content creation,” such as a studio hiring performers to shoot content, “to performers going into business for themselves,” he says. “It happened very quickly, and models had to think on their feet.” “If you’ve got a…

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Super Lawyers Logo - White serif type on orange background

Adult Industry Lawyer Corey D. Silverstein wins 6th Super Lawyers Award

Corey D. Silverstein is awarded 6th Super Lawyers Michigan Rising Stars Award Silverstein Legal is very proud to announce that for the 6th consecutive year, adult industry lawyer Corey D. Silverstein has been selected to the Super Lawyers Michigan Rising Stars list. As a result of demonstrating excellence in the practice of law, adult attorney Corey D. Silverstein has received an honor that less 2% of attorneys ever receive. Super Lawyers recognizes attorneys who have distinguished themselves in their legal practice. The Super Lawyers selection process is rigorous and results in third-party validations of an attorney’s professional accomplishments. Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. All of the attorneys at Silverstein Legal wish to congratulate adult website attorney Corey D. Silverstein for this achievement.

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Corey D. Silverstein and Nikki Night to Host ‘Night Court’ Webinar Event

Join an IRL attorney and the world’s most important online judge for a spirited, informative discussion tailored to online content creators. Cyberspace (March 2, 2021) -- Corey D. Silverstein, the driving force behind and Adult.Law, and premier cam coach Nikki Night are joining forces on Thursday March 4 at 4 pm EST for a unique online event that’s not to be missed: “Night Court, with Corey D. Silverstein & Nikki Night.” During the event, Silverstein and Night will discuss topics highly relevant to online content creators navigating today’s industry. This will include contracts, content production, legal compliance documents, managing the present strategically, planning wisely for the future, and much more. The spirited conversation will be both accessible and packed with humor. Attendees will be invited to ask questions and engage via chat during the event. The event is free to attend for models and content creators and promises to be useful for individuals at all stages of their careers. Register for “Night Court, with Corey D. Silverstein & Nikki Night” via Eventbrite. “Nikki Night is one of the best cam model coaches in the world and has dedicated her career to helping cam models grow personally and professionally,” said…

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GFY awards logo on black background

Adult Industry Attorney Corey D. Silverstein Wins 2021 GFY Award

On February 11, 2021, (“GFY”) hosted the 10th GFY Anniversary Awards. The awards show was sponsored by industry behemoths, Gaming Adult, Streamate, MojoHost, Quantox, ClickDealer and Fleshlight. The Best Business Services award category was filled with some of the most successful brands in the adult entertainment industry today. Adult entertainment lawyer, Corey D. Silverstein is proud to announce that was the winner, as voted for by his peers. “I joined as a webmaster 17 years ago and it’s an honor to have been nominated and won the 2021 Best Business Services award.” Said adult industry lawyer Corey D. Silverstein. “GFY is the most recognized adult webmaster community in the world and being recognized by my peers makes this an awesome moment” Silverstein continued. “Whether I had won or lost the vote for this award, being nominated in and of itself was a massive win.” With this win, adult industry attorney Corey D. Silverstein has now won awards from, XBIZ, YNOT and GFY and is the only adult industry lawyer to have ever accomplished that feat. MyAdultAttorney and adult website attorney Corey D. Silverstein are grateful to all of their clients, friends and supporters.

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Rolling Stone logo on light gray background

Adult Entertainment Attorney Corey D. Silverstein Interviewed by RollingStone

On February 2, 2021, RollingStone writer EJ Dickson published an article entitled “Sex Workers Worry They’re Going to Be Purged From Twitter." Dickson’s article discusses Twitter’s recent suspension of adult content platforms Clips4Sale and Model Centro. The article dives into the growing fear that Twitter may be becoming adult unfriendly, and in preparing the piece, Dickson spoke with some of the most influential personalities in the adult entertainment industry including adult industry attorney Corey D. Silverstein. Silverstein’s notable comments in the article include: “Since ModelCentro and Clips4Sale were suspended, “the phone hasn’t stopped ringing,” says Corey Silverstein, a lawyer who represents many adult industry clients. “It’s just been ongoing messages of people being terrified they’re going to lose everything.” and “I don’t think people really understand that there’s been a massive shift where adult performers are all in business for themselves,” says Silverstein. “They are their own breadwinners. They feed their families and pay their bills based on the followers they have on social media. Now they’re seeing services bumped off the platform, and they’re scared.” If Twitter does tighten its restrictions on sexual content as a matter of policy, he says, “it is going to cripple these people. They…

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