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Welcome to the best source for legal representation relating to the adult industry. Whether you are a webmaster, content producer, content provider, content reseller, hosting provider, performer, actor, actress, producer, payment processor, affiliate program, website manager, website operator, website owner, software producer, website designer, programmer, advertiser, traffic broker, surfer, or are otherwise involved in the adult entertainment industry, Silverstein Legal will provide you with the prompt and aggressive representation that you need.

Size doesn’t matter! Whether you are an individual or your business is small, large, domestic, or international, Silverstein Legal will address your specific legal needs with innovative and flexible methods and solutions.

If you are seeking the best adult entertainment lawyer, then look no further. Silverstein Legal’s experience and knowledge together with a commitment to results and client satisfaction enables us to answer all of your questions and help solve all of your problems, whatever they may be. Our law firm is comprised of some of the most innovative and technically savvy internet lawyers and entertainment attorneys and our clients engage in the operation of multiple types of websites including but not limited to: webcam sites, dating sites, social media sites, tube sites, subscription sites, novelty sites and more.

The adult industry has never been more legally complex. No matter what area of the adult industry you are involved in, our office and adult entertainment attorney Corey D. Silverstein can get you answers that you need. Whether your issue involves, 18 USC §2257, record keeping compliance, content evaluation, obscenity, first amendment, censorship, DMCA, copyright issues, contractual issues, corporate law, criminal defense, business structure, litigation, domain name disputes, or privacy issues our experienced and knowledgeable adult lawyers are ready to assist you. Visit Our Services page for a more detailed list of our services.

Our firm’s managing member, Corey D. Silverstein has been involved in the adult industry for almost a decade in both a legal and non-legal capacity and his client portfolio includes some of the largest adult industry businesses in the world. His years of experience and understanding of the special nature of individuals and companies alike in the adult industry enable him to fight and protect you or your business. For a more detailed profile on Mr. Silverstein please visit the About page.

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Advertisement and Traffic Brokers

We are experienced in representing some of the largest traffic and advertisement brokers in the online community today. Traffic and advertisement brokers are constantly dealing with complex technology related contracts and transactions, and our attorneys have the advanced technical and legal skills necessary for these issues.

Content Producers

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing content producers and ensuring that their intellectual property rights are protected. We are experienced in age verification and record keeping issues.


Our firm represents some of the most successful domainers in the world and we have substantial experience dealing in the sale and purchase of multi-million dollar domain transactions. We also have a tremendous amount of experience assisting our clients in domain name disputes.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) / Hosts

Our firm proudly represents individuals and businesses that sell or lease: internet hosting, collocation, bandwidth, servers and various other technology.

Payment Processors

Our lawyers understand the legal complexities involved in the payment processing industry and have substantial experience representing merchants, merchant account holders, third party billing services, payment gateways, and alternative payment processors.

Website Owners and Operators

Our firm proudly represents the owners and operators of various types of websites including but not limited to: paysites, freesites, affiliate programs, tube sites, cam sites, dating sites, search engines, novelty stores, blog and online communities.

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Adult Attorney News

08Jul 18
Adult Entertainment Attorney, Corey D. Silverstein, presents as feature speaker at Legal Update

Adult Entertainment Attorney, Corey D. Silverstein, presents as feature speaker at Legal Update

On May 31, 2018, adult entertainment lawyer, Corey D. Silverstein, was a featured speaker at XBIZ Miami. This year’s Legal Update was sponsored by merchant account & payment processing provider, NETbilling. The synopsis of the presentation was: The first half of 2018 has been busy on the legal front, with a delay in the rollout of mandatory age verification in U.K. as well as new rules governing advertising, banking, privacy and more. Join XBIZ Miami’s panel of distinguished legal experts as they uncover the pitfalls and reveal a safe path forward while detailing what industry players need to know to operate safely into the future. The legal presentation included talk of the ongoing challenge to 18 USC 2257, the downfall of Backpage and criminal charges against its operators, FOSTA/SESTA, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). During the presentation, adult business lawyer, Corey D. Silverstein talked about the importance and challenges of becoming GDPR compliant as well as the aggressive penalties that violators may face. Following the legal seminar, adult website lawyer, Corey D. Silverstein, answered questions from the full-house audience and spent hours following the panel meeting with current and prospective clients to discuss the important issues that were…

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07Jul 18
Corey D. Silverstein Comments on Major California Supreme Court Decision

Corey D. Silverstein Comments on Major California Supreme Court Decision

In a big win for Section 230 advocates, on Monday, July 2, 2018, the California Supreme Court ruled that Yelp cannot be required to remove negative reviews of a California law firm. The California Supreme Court ruled 4-3 in favor of Yelp and the majority decision ruled that Yelp was protected by the Communications Decency Act (Section 230). The full decision can be read or downloaded here. (The Industry Source) was quick to provide media coverage of the story and sought comments from adult industry lawyer Corey D. Silverstein. You can read the Xbiz article here. Among his comments, industry attorney Corey D. Silverstein said: “the decision is a much needed win for Section 230, which has been under a tremendous amount of attack as of late.”; “Good for Yelp for having the guts to make its own decision when it ignored a judgment from the trial court that was riddled with irregularities, “Yelp took a chance in ignoring the trial court and ultimately won. Unfortunately, most ISPs would have probably gone along with the trial court’s original judgment.”; “The California Supreme Court got this decision "100 percent correct" and that the ruling showed why Section 230 is important…

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27Mar 18
Adult Entertainment Lawyer Corey D. Silverstein weighs in on Stormy Daniels/President Trump Scandal

Adult Entertainment Lawyer Corey D. Silverstein weighs in on Stormy Daniels/President Trump Scandal

CBS News has posted the transcript of the Stormy Daniels interview from her “60 Minutes” interview with Anderson Cooper. You can read the complete transcript here. Following airing of the Stormy Daniels ’60 Minutes” interview, was quick to provide coverage of the interview and requested comment from porn lawyer Corey D. Silverstein. Industry attorney Corey Silverstein said that this case is “undoubtedly going to be a legal nightmare for both sides.” “On one hand you have the sitting president of the United States being accused of carrying on an extramarital affair that allegedly took place 12 years ago with an adult entertainment performer and then attempting to cover up the affair through alleged pressure and threats,” Silverstein told XBIZ. “On the other side you have an individual who faces the social stigma of being an adult entertainment performer admitting that she has repeatedly lied about the affair, was physically threatened and admits that she received a large cash settlement as part of a hush agreement. “In the middle of all of this we have Mr. Trump’s licensed attorney admitting that he actually personally paid Stormy the settlement money and Stormy’s attorney seems to have some past involvement in democrat…

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