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Unfortunately, when two or more parties cannot resolve their disputes amicably, litigation may be the only remaining option for an aggrieved party.

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties whereby the plaintiff(s) in the action may be seeking money damages or specific performance. Our attorneys are substantially experienced in aggressively representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants in civil litigation. The civil litigation process can be complex, time consuming and intimidating to a layperson and our attorneys are trained and committed to achieving our clients’ goals. Our attorneys are also skilled in alternative dispute resolution including but not limited to, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and facilitation. Our attorneys pride themselves in their ability to analyze complex factual and legal issues and utilize their superior written and oral advocacy skills to present our clients’ case.

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Recent Civil Litigation Articles

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Adult Industry Attorney Corey D. Silverstein comments on New Utah Law that Opens Adult Sites to Potential Lawsuits

As reported by XBIZ, “Utah has become the first state to allow civil lawsuits against distributors of adult content for mental and physical damages incurred by minors accessing such material.” The full article can be found online here. A full copy of S.B. 185 – Cause of Action for Minors Injured by Pornography can be found here. Upon request for comment from XBIZ, adult business lawyer, Corey D. Silverstein was quoted: Corey D. Silverstein, an industry attorney, told XBIZ that he finds the new Utah law ludicrous. "While I’d certainly hate for any of my clients to be faced with such a ridiculous civil suit, I hope that I will be the lucky lawyer who gets to challenge this law as being unconstitutional," Silverstein said. "This is by far one of the least thought-out bills I have seen to date. "If he wanted to be transparent, Sen. Todd Weiler would…

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It’s Not Just Legal Jargon!

Don’t overlook provisions for Choice of Law, Forum Selection and Arbitration About a month ago, I started thinking about topics to cover in this column and right about the same time I had to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office. As I was installing the software, a message popped up on my monitor that asked me whether I had read and understood the terms and conditions of the software upgrade. I can honestly say that I didn’t spend any more than 3 seconds reading the terms and conditions before I checked the box and proceeded with the installation. Seriously, does the average user actually spend the 10 hours it would take to read the 300-page document? No way! The average user wants to get on with the installation and use the damned software. Somewhere around the “Your installation is 35% complete” mark, the topic of this month’s article…

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