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Veteran, adult industry attorney, Corey D. Silverstein is no stranger to participating in a wide range of forums across the internet. In fact, during the past decade, Corey D. Silverstein has participated in hundreds of online discussions related to the law, the adult entertainment industry, the internet and technology.

Arguably long overdue, adult entertainment lawyer, Corey D. Silverstein, has now become a member of the YNOT community and will be engaging with YNOT’s diverse members from all across the globe.

According to its website, “the YNOT brand was introduced to the adult entertainment business community in 1996.” “Today the company offers a variety of B2B services for adult businesses.” “Part news and part social network, is the longest running online resource for adult industry professionals.”

YNOT has a tradition of breaking some of the biggest legal stories affecting the adult industry and it’s only fitting for adult business lawyer, Corey D. Silverstein to become a part of the conversation.

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