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Corey Silverstein AKA “The Adult Attorney” Discusses The Texas Pornhub Ban And Why We Should All Be Worried

Corey Silverstein, the “Adult Lawyer” is on the show! Mr. Silverstein is a lawyer based in Michigan. He founded his firm in 2006 and has been involved in representing the adult industry for over a decade. He focuses on all the unique issues facing the industry. Corey (we’re on a first name basis after the interview) has been a vocal critic of states like Texas and Louisianna’s adult verification laws for online pornography.

We discuss the differences between existing state laws and proposed legislation in other states, including Missouri. Corey explains the differences between some of the current laws and proposals, his thoughts on what’s really behind these laws, and why we they are nothing more than porn bans. Is there a better way to keep kids from accessing adult content online or is that even something we should be attempting? We went into this interview knowing that Corey was not a fan of the current laws and proposals, but we were a little surprised to learn that, unlike most critics, his top concern is not privacy.

Corey Silverstein ended up being the perfect guest. He’s smart, he’s funny, he talks like us, and he said our willingness to discuss our porn use was courageous! Did we just become best friends?

Join Silverstein on Twitter at @myadultattorney and on Instagram at @coreydsilverstein.

About Silverstein Legal

Founded in 2006 by adult entertainment lawyer Corey D. Silverstein, Silverstein Legal is a boutique law firm that caters to the needs of anyone working in the adult entertainment industry. Silverstein Legal’s clients include hosting companies, affiliate programs, content producers, processors, designers, developers, and website operators.

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