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The Adult Industry and Contracts

Would you buy a house without a deed? Would you buy a car without getting its title? Or do you blindly sign every document that shows up in the mail promising free money? I'm assuming that you answered all of those questions with a "no." So why is it that most people are smart enough not to engage in the ridiculous examples mentioned above, yet when it comes to contracts and people in the adult industry, I find myself dealing with clients every day who either rushed into an agreement without a written contract, didn't consult with a lawyer prior to making a contract, and/or didn't understand the terms of a contract before they signed it? First, a simple definition of a "contract:" a contract is an agreement between two or more parties that is enforceable by law. While many contracts are in written form (and very much should be), many states only require that certain types of contracts be in writing. The legal term "statute of frauds" generally governs which types of contracts must be writing. Traditionally, the statute of frauds applies in the following circumstances: contracts in consideration of marriage, contracts that cannot be performed within one year,…

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My Adult Attorney website homepage on 3 different sized devices

Adult Attorney, Former Program Owner Launches

By Anne Winter BINGHAM FARMS, Mich. - An adult program owner-turned-attorney has launched as an industry go-to site for legal advice and assistance regarding specific issues, including contract law, 2257, Digital Millennium Copyright Act matters, and civil litigation. Attorney Corey D. Silverstein said he saw the industry lacked the ability to consult with a lawyer before signing an agreement and wanted to give industry members a website they could visit to find a lawyer who can answer their questions without drowning in a sea of information... Read full article

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Corey D. Silverstein in AVN

Major Internet Service Providers, including AT&T, have reportedly made deals with the Recording Industry Association of America to address piracy concerns. According to the Associated Press, AT&T Inc., America's largest ISP, will start sending warnings to its subscribers when record labels and movie studios claim they are uploading, downloading or exchanging pirated material. For the complete story and my commentary please visit:

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The Phoenix Forum Seminar

I am very pleased to announce that I will be co-moderator of the "Business 101: Marketing, Business & The Law" seminar at the Phoenix Forum on Thursday April, 2, 2009 from 12:00 pm until 1:30 pm. I encourage you all to attend for an incredible experience.

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